Next destination: Vejle

After a rewarding time in Norway, where we immersed ourselves in theological studies and leadership, the time has come to return to Denmark. Our next chapter unfolds in Vejle, where we look forward to continuing our work with The Salvation Army.

In Vejle, we will both take on leadership roles in the local corps. Our focus will be on strengthening the community and expanding our social programs, which are at the core of The Salvation Army’s mission. We look forward to working closely with the citizens of Vejle and making a positive difference in our new hometown.

In parallel with my duties in Vejle, I have also been appointed as the Assistant Information Officer at The Salvation Army Headquarters. In this role, I will work on improving internal communication within the organization as well as increasing our visibility and engagement in the public sphere. This is a task I greatly look forward to, as it allows me to use my experience in advertising and media to promote our good causes.

We are excited to start this new phase in our lives and the many opportunities and challenges it brings.