National Campagin for Christmas Aid

This year, I had the unique opportunity to lead the design of The Salvation Army’s national Christmas assistance image and video for our annual fundraising campaign. This project was carried out in close collaboration with the talented photographer Anders Kavin.

The filming took place at The Salvation Army’s branch in Vejle, where we created a series of atmospheric and heartwarming scenes conveying hope and a sense of community. Our goal was to capture the essence of Christmas assistance – bringing light and joy to those most in need during the holiday season.

The image and video are designed to resonate with viewers on a personal level, while highlighting The Salvation Army’s critical work in supporting vulnerable families during Christmas. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire generosity and promote a spirit of giving throughout the community.

The result has become a powerful part of our fundraising efforts and has already received positive responses from both collaborators and the broader public. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to The Salvation Army’s mission with our creative skills.

The central image of this year’s Christmas assistance campaign captures the pure joy and hope that The Salvation Army brings during the festive season. The photograph depicts a young girl with a heartwarming smile looking up towards an unseen giver, as she embraces a large bag filled with Christmas treats. The bag, proudly carried and adorned with The Salvation Army’s well-known shield, symbolizes the generosity and care shared during Christmas. The homely setting and festive decorations create a feeling of warmth and heart space, which is the cornerstone of our Christmas assistance efforts. This glimpse of Christmas magic, elegantly captured by Anders Kavin in Vejle, invites the viewer into a world of compassion and joy of giving – the core of our fundraising campaign.