Enhanced Collection Cans

This winter, as part of The Salvation Army’s continuous efforts to warm hearts and support those in need, I led a redesign initiative for our collection cans, familiar sights in stores during the holiday season.

The project was more than a mere aesthetic update; it was an endeavor to reconnect with the community through a message of hope and generosity. Each can was given a new look that resonates with the joy and spirit of the season. Accompanying tags feature festive illustrations, bringing smiles and prompting the joy of giving among the public.

The redesigned cans are wrapped with clear messaging and a QR code, enabling effortless digital donations for a modern twist on tradition. This simple, yet innovative feature meets the contemporary donor where they are, making giving as easy as a tap on a smartphone.

Photographed here are the fruits of our creative labor: a collection of pristine white cans ready to become vessels of charity, and tags that narrate our shared story of community support. Each element of the design was chosen to deepen the impact of our presence in the community during a time when togetherness means the most.

As an officer of The Salvation Army, this initiative represents my commitment to our mission and the innovative steps we are taking to ensure our message of hope is both seen and felt. In bringing these designs to life, we renew our pledge to serve, to uplift, and to bring forth the spirit of Christmas, one coin at a time.