Diaconate exam 2023

More and more citizens are turning to volunteer organizations in hopes of getting help, including help with food. Uncertain times with increased costs for electricity, fuel, and food have led to many struggling financially to the point where they can’t afford to buy food. That the Salvation Army distributes food to those in need is not new, but particularly in recent months, there has been a lot of media coverage on the topic, despite the existence of a range of public programs that should ensure citizens’ financial and social security. Today, the lines for food distribution are longer and more diverse than 20 years ago.

As a faith-based organization, the Salvation Army offers a range of social services and programs to help the whole person by covering basic needs, dignified treatment, and spiritual guidance. In the Norwegian welfare state, the Salvation Army plays an important role as a partner for public authorities and other welfare organizations.

In this exame, I aimed to answer the question by examining the challenges of food distribution in a welfare society like Norway, and discuss how it ethically affects and challenges the Salvation Army.