Development of the Value and Strategy Book

As part of my commitment to The Salvation Army, I was tasked with transforming the organization’s core documents—the Value Book and the Strategy Book—into easily accessible formats. These essential publications, originally only available in print, were made available online in flipbook versions as well as PDF files on The Salvation Army’s member portal.

The Value Book encompasses The Salvation Army’s five core values: Love, Responsibility, Openness, Accessibility, and Commitment. The purpose of the book is to shape the culture within The Salvation Army so that these values are visible and clear to all involved. My role was to ensure that the Value Book was not only informative but also inspiring and accessible to all employees and volunteers.

The Strategy Book details the organization’s long-term strategy, which is implemented both nationally and locally. Focusing on Jesus-centered leadership, community, social engagement, social justice, and sustainability, the book encourages each corps and unit to develop their own strategies in line with the overarching plan. In this project, my task was to convey complex strategic goals in a clear and engaging manner that supports The Salvation Army’s vision of growth, renewal, and improved collaboration.

The result of this work is two dynamic resources that strengthen the understanding and implementation of The Salvation Army’s mission in both Denmark and Greenland, and are now available to a wider audience.