Brewing Community Spirit

Bringing the new CafeChurch to life through print, my latest project involved designing and producing promotional materials to warmly invite the Vejle community into a space where coffee and fellowship blend seamlessly.

Located within the heart of Vejle, the CafeChurch initiative is an innovative concept introduced by The Salvation Army to create a welcoming atmosphere for both spiritual nourishment and community connection. My task was to ensure that the essence of CafeChurch was vividly captured and conveyed through each printed piece.

From concept to completion, I managed the creative process, overseeing the print production that would translate our vision into tangible invitations. We utilized high-quality materials and print technologies to produce eye-catching posters that embody the inviting and warm spirit of CafeChurch.

The photography depicts the printing process in action, with the result being beautifully crafted materials that speak to the dedication behind The Salvation Army’s outreach efforts. These promotional items are not just informative but also serve as a testament to our commitment to creating inviting spaces for everyone.

Through this print project, CafeChurch is set to become a beacon of hospitality in Vejle, demonstrating how The Salvation Army continues to evolve in its engagement with the community while staying true to its core values.

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