A Blend of Goodness: The Salvation Army Vejle’s Signature Coffee

Collaborating with Jacob, the adept coffee roaster at Fabrikanterne, we’ve brewed something special for the Vejle community: our very own “House Blend” from the rich soils of Colombia. It’s my delight to have designed the packaging for this exceptional roast that not only offers a warming cup but also serves as a reminder of the comforting presence of The Salvation Army in Vejle.

Our “Julekaffe” or Christmas Coffee combines the spirit of the holiday season with a taste profile that’s as rich and inviting as the fellowship it accompanies. The design on the package is adorned with festive motifs and symbols that resonate with the joyous times spent together during this time of the year. Every detail, from the snowflakes to the Christmas ornaments, tells a story of celebration and communal warmth.

This coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a symbol of our commitment to quality and community. Through each carefully roasted batch, we’re crafting moments of connection and reflection. The coffee, available in our CafeChurch and for purchase, is a means for supporters to take home the taste of The Salvation Army’s hospitality.

The design work on the packaging is a labor of love, a confluence of my passion for design and The Salvation Army’s dedication to serving with heart and soul. As the season of giving unfolds, our Christmas Coffee stands as a testament to the genuine connections and heartfelt service we pour into every aspect of our work in Vejle.