Branding Manual

I'm currently developing a branding manual to serve as the cornerstone of The Salvation Army’s communication strategy in Denmark and Greenland. This concise guide will not only streamline our visual and verbal messaging but also reinforce our commitment to service and community. Through collaborative efforts, we're setting a framework that ensures consistency and clarity across all channels, empowering every member of our organization to convey our mission with confidence. This manual is set to become the definitive resource for upholding The Salvation Army’s legacy of hope through strategic communication.

Brewing Community Spirit

Bringing the new CafeChurch to life through print, my latest project involved designing and producing promotional materials to warmly invite the Vejle community into a space where coffee and fellowship blend seamlessly.

Located within the heart of Vejle, the CafeChurch initiative is an innovative concept introduced by The Salvation Army to create a welcoming atmosphere for both spiritual nourishment and community connection. My task was to ensure that the essence of CafeChurch was vividly captured and conveyed through each printed piece.

From concept to completion, I managed the creative process, overseeing the print production that would translate our vision into tangible invitations. We utilized high-quality materials and print technologies to produce eye-catching posters that embody the inviting and warm spirit of CafeChurch.

The photography depicts the printing process in action, with the result being beautifully crafted materials that speak to the dedication behind The Salvation Army’s outreach efforts. These promotional items are not just informative but also serve as a testament to our commitment to creating inviting spaces for everyone.

Through this print project, CafeChurch is set to become a beacon of hospitality in Vejle, demonstrating how The Salvation Army continues to evolve in its engagement with the community while staying true to its core values.

My hub at Fabrikanterne’s Creative Forge

In my capacity as Assistant Information Officer at The Salvation Army's Headquarters in Copenhagen, I maintain an office at Fabrikanterne in Vejle. Fabrikanterne is a vibrant entrepreneurial environment that champions creativity, featuring open workshops that spark innovation and collaboration. This setting is particularly conducive to my work in formulating and developing communication and branding strategies. Surrounded by dynamic entrepreneurs and creators, I draw on the collective energy and diverse perspectives to create impactful narratives that resonate with our community and stakeholders. This synergy not only enhances The Salvation Army's visibility but also reinforces our message of hope and service through thoughtfully crafted campaigns.

A Blend of Goodness: The Salvation Army Vejle’s Signature Coffee

Collaborating with Jacob, the adept coffee roaster at Fabrikanterne, we’ve brewed something special for the Vejle community: our very own "House Blend" from the rich soils of Colombia. It’s my delight to have designed the packaging for this exceptional roast that not only offers a warming cup but also serves as a reminder of the comforting presence of The Salvation Army in Vejle.

Our “Julekaffe” or Christmas Coffee combines the spirit of the holiday season with a taste profile that’s as rich and inviting as the fellowship it accompanies. The design on the package is adorned with festive motifs and symbols that resonate with the joyous times spent together during this time of the year. Every detail, from the snowflakes to the Christmas ornaments, tells a story of celebration and communal warmth.

This coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a symbol of our commitment to quality and community. Through each carefully roasted batch, we're crafting moments of connection and reflection. The coffee, available in our CafeChurch and for purchase, is a means for supporters to take home the taste of The Salvation Army's hospitality.

The design work on the packaging is a labor of love, a confluence of my passion for design and The Salvation Army's dedication to serving with heart and soul. As the season of giving unfolds, our Christmas Coffee stands as a testament to the genuine connections and heartfelt service we pour into every aspect of our work in Vejle.

Enhanced Collection Cans

This winter, as part of The Salvation Army's continuous efforts to warm hearts and support those in need, I led a redesign initiative for our collection cans, familiar sights in stores during the holiday season.

The project was more than a mere aesthetic update; it was an endeavor to reconnect with the community through a message of hope and generosity. Each can was given a new look that resonates with the joy and spirit of the season. Accompanying tags feature festive illustrations, bringing smiles and prompting the joy of giving among the public.

The redesigned cans are wrapped with clear messaging and a QR code, enabling effortless digital donations for a modern twist on tradition. This simple, yet innovative feature meets the contemporary donor where they are, making giving as easy as a tap on a smartphone.

Photographed here are the fruits of our creative labor: a collection of pristine white cans ready to become vessels of charity, and tags that narrate our shared story of community support. Each element of the design was chosen to deepen the impact of our presence in the community during a time when togetherness means the most.

As an officer of The Salvation Army, this initiative represents my commitment to our mission and the innovative steps we are taking to ensure our message of hope is both seen and felt. In bringing these designs to life, we renew our pledge to serve, to uplift, and to bring forth the spirit of Christmas, one coin at a time.

Digital Connection: Website

I'm currently developing a branding manual to serve as the cornerstone of The Salvation Army’s communication strategy in Denmark and Greenland. This concise guide will not only streamline our visual and verbal messaging but also reinforce our commitment to service and community. Through collaborative efforts, we're setting a framework that ensures consistency and clarity across all channels, empowering every member of our organization to convey our mission with confidence. This manual is set to become the definitive resource for upholding The Salvation Army’s legacy of hope through strategic communication.

National Campagin for Christmas Aid

This year, I had the unique opportunity to lead the design of The Salvation Army's national Christmas assistance image and video for our annual fundraising campaign. This project was carried out in close collaboration with the talented photographer Anders Kavin.

The filming took place at The Salvation Army's branch in Vejle, where we created a series of atmospheric and heartwarming scenes conveying hope and a sense of community. Our goal was to capture the essence of Christmas assistance – bringing light and joy to those most in need during the holiday season.

The image and video are designed to resonate with viewers on a personal level, while highlighting The Salvation Army's critical work in supporting vulnerable families during Christmas. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire generosity and promote a spirit of giving throughout the community.

The result has become a powerful part of our fundraising efforts and has already received positive responses from both collaborators and the broader public. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to The Salvation Army's mission with our creative skills.

The central image of this year's Christmas assistance campaign captures the pure joy and hope that The Salvation Army brings during the festive season. The photograph depicts a young girl with a heartwarming smile looking up towards an unseen giver, as she embraces a large bag filled with Christmas treats. The bag, proudly carried and adorned with The Salvation Army's well-known shield, symbolizes the generosity and care shared during Christmas. The homely setting and festive decorations create a feeling of warmth and heart space, which is the cornerstone of our Christmas assistance efforts. This glimpse of Christmas magic, elegantly captured by Anders Kavin in Vejle, invites the viewer into a world of compassion and joy of giving – the core of our fundraising campaign.

Refreshing Fellowship: Crafting Alcohol-Free Drinks for CafeChurch

At the CafeChurch, nestled within the embracing community of Vejle, we've stirred up a new way to refresh and connect with our non-alcoholic drink offerings. This thoughtful selection celebrates togetherness and aligns with The Salvation Army's stance on promoting a lifestyle free from alcohol.

As an officer dedicated to upholding the values of The Salvation Army and serving our community, I took the initiative to design a menu of alcohol-free drinks that resonate with our message. Each beverage, from the zesty "Bold Spirit" with its lime and mint to the tropical "White Heaven" blending pineapple, coconut, and cream, is more than a drink—it's a testament to our commitment to healthy, inclusive social experiences.

The crafting of these drinks, captured in photographs, represents the hands-on care we pour into every aspect of our ministry. The vibrancy and enthusiasm with which these drinks are prepared and served mirror our mission to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all ages.

Our alcohol-free drinks menu is not just a collection of recipes; it's an invitation to find joy in the wholesome pleasures of life. It's about creating moments of connection over shared glasses of handcrafted beverages, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

Through this new venture at CafeChurch, we hope to inspire a spirit of conviviality and offer a refreshing alternative that aligns with our principles. Each drink served is a cheer to health, happiness, and the harmonious spirit that guides us at The Salvation Army.

Development of the Value and Strategy Book

As part of my commitment to The Salvation Army, I was tasked with transforming the organization’s core documents—the Value Book and the Strategy Book—into easily accessible formats. These essential publications, originally only available in print, were made available online in flipbook versions as well as PDF files on The Salvation Army's member portal.

The Value Book encompasses The Salvation Army’s five core values: Love, Responsibility, Openness, Accessibility, and Commitment. The purpose of the book is to shape the culture within The Salvation Army so that these values are visible and clear to all involved. My role was to ensure that the Value Book was not only informative but also inspiring and accessible to all employees and volunteers.

The Strategy Book details the organization’s long-term strategy, which is implemented both nationally and locally. Focusing on Jesus-centered leadership, community, social engagement, social justice, and sustainability, the book encourages each corps and unit to develop their own strategies in line with the overarching plan. In this project, my task was to convey complex strategic goals in a clear and engaging manner that supports The Salvation Army’s vision of growth, renewal, and improved collaboration.

The result of this work is two dynamic resources that strengthen the understanding and implementation of The Salvation Army’s mission in both Denmark and Greenland, and are now available to a wider audience.

PhotoBook Childrens Camp 2023

The past summer at The Salvation Army's Children Camp was not just a season but a vibrant chapter of joy and youthful exuberance, captured through my lens and now immortalized in a Photo Book.

As both an officer and the photographer, I had the unique opportunity to document each fleeting moment: the innocent laughter, the spontaneous adventures, and the spirit of kinship. This Photo Book is more than a collection of images—it is a narrative woven from the very heart of our camp.

Each spread within the book is a canvas where memories meet the eye. The children, lost in a world of play and discovery, are the stars of this visual story. Their candid expressions, framed against the natural beauty of the campgrounds, invite readers into our shared experience—a space where growth, learning, and camaraderie blossomed under the summer sky.

The Photo Book serves as a heartfelt showcase of The Salvation Army's dedication to enriching young lives. It offers a glimpse into how we foster environments where children can thrive, explore, and build friendships. As an officer, I take pride in these captured moments that reflect the essence of our mission and as a photographer, I cherish the ability to freeze time, creating keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

This collection of photographs is a testament to the joyous essence of childhood and the nurturing spirit of The Salvation Army's programs. It’s a celebration of life, laughter, and the enduring impact of our summer camp.

Next destination: Vejle

After a rewarding time in Norway, where we immersed ourselves in theological studies and leadership, the time has come to return to Denmark. Our next chapter unfolds in Vejle, where we look forward to continuing our work with The Salvation Army.

In Vejle, we will both take on leadership roles in the local corps. Our focus will be on strengthening the community and expanding our social programs, which are at the core of The Salvation Army's mission. We look forward to working closely with the citizens of Vejle and making a positive difference in our new hometown.

In parallel with my duties in Vejle, I have also been appointed as the Assistant Information Officer at The Salvation Army Headquarters. In this role, I will work on improving internal communication within the organization as well as increasing our visibility and engagement in the public sphere. This is a task I greatly look forward to, as it allows me to use my experience in advertising and media to promote our good causes.

We are excited to start this new phase in our lives and the many opportunities and challenges it brings.

Diaconate exam 2023

More and more citizens are turning to volunteer organizations in hopes of getting help, including help with food. Uncertain times with increased costs for electricity, fuel, and food have led to many struggling financially to the point where they can’t afford to buy food. That the Salvation Army distributes food to those in need is not new, but particularly in recent months, there has been a lot of media coverage on the topic, despite the existence of a range of public programs that should ensure citizens’ financial and social security. Today, the lines for food distribution are longer and more diverse than 20 years ago.

As a faith-based organization, the Salvation Army offers a range of social services and programs to help the whole person by covering basic needs, dignified treatment, and spiritual guidance. In the Norwegian welfare state, the Salvation Army plays an important role as a partner for public authorities and other welfare organizations.

In this exame, I aimed to answer the question by examining the challenges of food distribution in a welfare society like Norway, and discuss how it ethically affects and challenges the Salvation Army.

Third internship

My first day interning at the Salvation Army Moss Corps during the Christmas time, was an exciting experience. I had the opportunity to observe the interaction between the public and civil society working for better conditions regarding handing out food for the poor, and it was truly beautiful to witness. I spent the day following the Major, who was being interviewed and filmed by NRK news (Norwegian Broadcasting Network). It was a challenge for me to stay in the background and remain a "fly on the wall," as the process was already so exciting to observe.

SA Prison ministry

I had the opportunity to follow Yury (for a whole week), who is leading the the Salvation Army Norway's prison ministry. This ministry has been collaborating with the Norwegian Correctional Service for over 102 years, and it's been absolutely amazing to see the ways in which their presence and relationships with inmates can lead to real, everlasting changes. Yury and his team are doing incredible work, and it was truly inspiring to witness at firsthand the impact they are having on the lives of those in prison.

Cookbook for children’s camp

We had the privilege of hosting a cooking workshop for the kids at the Salvation Army Children's Camp and wanted to share our cookbook with all of you. Inside, you'll find a collection of easy-to-follow recipes that are perfect for cooking with kids.

Diaconate exam 2022

The 2nd semester examination paper for the subject of diaconia has been given the go-ahead and successfully completed. Even after submitting it, I felt the need to continue to work on it further, both for my own benefit and because the topic is so significant and engaging to me as a salvationist. I find it to be a topic that one can fully immerse themselves in and find great fulfillment in studying

Internship first and second term.

I completed my first and second semester internship with The Salvation Army Halden corps, and it was an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience.
The Halden corps, located in the town of Halden in Norway, is a community center that offers a wide range of services including meals and other basic necessities. During my internship, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of people and I assisted with the daily operations of the corps.

One of the most meaningful parts of my internship was getting to know the individuals who came to the corps for assistance. Many of them had faced significant struggles in their lives, and it was incredibly rewarding to be able to offer them support and assistance. I was also able to learn a lot from them, as they shared their stories and experiences with me.

Overall, my first and second semester internship with The Salvation Army Halden corps was an incredible learning experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a meaningful workplace. I feel that my time there has helped me to grow as a person.

Christmas card

A tiny job creating the Christmas card for Training College.
A small and unassuming task, creating the Christmas card for Training College may seem like a minuscule undertaking. However, the creation of this festive greeting holds great importance and meaning. It serves as a symbol of the joy and celebration that surrounds this time of year, and is a way for the Training College to say thanks for its followers. The graphical aspect of the card adds an extra touch of creativity and artistry, making it a truly special and memorable piece. Though it may be a tiny job, the impact and significance of the Christmas card for Training College should not be underestimated.

Moving into the unknown

Leaving our "Home/Friends/Family/Job" behind and moving to Norway with 3 children for training college as a officer in the Salvation Army. Might be one of the hardest thing i have done.


Stemningsbilleder til sociale medie af vores hold af frivillige som producerer mad til brugerne under Covid-19 nedlukning siden 14. marts 2020


Udarbejdelse af grafik til emballage til kolde og varme retter under Covid-19 nedlukning siden 14. marts 2020.

Take-Away / delivery

Fotografering af vores Covid-19 nedlukning situation med en af vores bruger på det sociale værested "Huset". Brian får hentet sin daglig mad ved døren, og tager det med hjem. Opgaven blev bestilt af Hovedkvarteret og billedet blev brugt af det internationale hovedkvarter i London i brev til resten af den verdens omspændende organisation.


Udarbejdet grafik til social medier, for at køre en kampagne for indsamling af tøj til Frelsens Hærs genbrugsbutik i Nakskov.


Fotografering af "Claus" i kontakt med en af Frelsens Hærs medarbejder på det sociale værested "Huset".


Sergenterne Eydritt og Jan Marseille er nu begge antaget som aspiranter til officersuddannelsen.

Eydritt og jeg er nu begge antaget som aspiranter til officersuddannelsen. Det er endnu ikke besluttet, hvilket år vi påbegynder uddannelsen. Men vi regner med sommer 2021.

Det er et helt nyt kapitel som endnu ikke startet.


I am proud to present the gift card that I designed and produced for the Salvation Army thrift store in Nakskov. This project involved creating the visual concept and design for the card, as well as production.

I am confident that this gift card will be a valuable addition to the Salvation Army thrift store's marketing efforts, and I am excited to see it in use. This project is a great example of my skills in visual design and production, and I am always looking for new opportunities to apply these skills in meaningful and impactful ways.

Nødherberg 2019-2021

To help raise awareness about the importance of this vital resource, I have produced a short video highlighting the work of the homeless shelter and the positive impact it has on the lives of those who rely on it.